Evergreen, or book release

For Ewa’s Parents

Ewa in England, photo by J. Madeła (Karczmarczyk)
Książka Ewy Młynarczyk w drodze do Anglii
On the way to England, photo by
P. Sabiniarz

It is with great emotion, giving me a lump in my throat, and, at the same time, embracing me with an invisible closeness, that I would like to announce that a book by Ewa Młynarczyk – my, our dear Ewa – has finally seen the light of day (and of the moon). It has been published by the Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw. More about the book: LINK

If there is a shade of a feeling inscribed somewhere between joy and sadness, it is probably this emotion. For it is difficult to speak of joy when on a day so desperately and impatiently awaited the most important person – the Author – is missing. I could recount for a long time the events of past year and our efforts to publish this valuable result of many years of research – a work which was ready in August. Protracting formalities stretched weeks into months, but… it does not matter anymore, because the Book has finally sailed into its  Avalon. It is Ewa’s big day, because it is her who is most important in it all. “Only you, evergreen, ever sun, ever moon”. I am so proud of you, my dearest Ewa, wherever you are now – maybe you are looking down affectionately, or maybe you are just glancing over my shoulder, smiling at the sight of those longueurs of mine that you loved so much.

Hard copies of the book can be purchased at a charity auction, all proceeds of which – in accordance with the wish of Ewa’s Parents – will be donated to Avalon – a foundation which helps people with disabilities (auction has ended, but you can still get a free copy!). Ewa has always been supporting other people – and she continues to do so.

This book encapsulates all of Ewa’s love for literature and all of our love for Ewa. And what is it about? It is absorbing – like an adventure novel – an analysis of three motifs, common to myths and legends coming from different cultural backgrounds: the quest, the otherworlds, and the outcast (the sense of alienation and internal conflict experienced by a mortal in touch with the higher reality). “Questers for inspiration, seekers of higher knowledge, dreamers versed in ancient lore, born out of their time, escaping from their world into the fairyland, yet struggling to communicate their vision to their contemporaries, the mythological characters have provided the Victorian poets with the masks allowing them to make their message at the same time personal and universal.”

For those to whom Ewa was close, her words about the otherworlds can be read as a collection of letters sent from places she may now be traversing, trodding paths (of thought) for her “kindred spirits” so that we may find one another more easily someday.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to charitably buy a copy, which will make a wonderful gift for literary scholars, lovers of the 19th century, Romanticism, English poetry, myth researchers, philologists, people hungry for knowledge and sensitive to the beauty of words. The PDF is available for free on the website, but the PDF does not smell like Ecco Book creamy paper, it does not have a cover coated with soft-touch foil – as nice to the touch as the head of a velvet nettle, and it is not winged with flaps, on one of which Basia – the author of the illustrations – hid a redwing, a Grail, and a ladder inspired by the interior of the Trinity College Library. We also have commemorative bookmarks to give away, to promote Ewa’s work (LINK). If you are interested in getting involved in this initiative, please contact us.

The editorial team, as Professor Agnieszka Piskorska mentioned in her touching foreword, dedicated the work done to Ewa and her wonderful Parents. And I would especially and wholeheartedly like to thank:

  • Professor Grażyna Bystydzieńska, Ewa’s supervisor – for all these months of joint efforts, meticulous editing, long and beautiful letters, for empathy and trust;
  • Jakub Niedziela – for the fact that together we can nurture the Garden of Remembrance of Ewa, that we have put together her book, not yet knowing “how to pick up the thoughts from those not yet put together”, for everything;
  • Professor Agnieszka Piskorska – for her touching foreword and her efforts in completion of formalities;
  • Barbara Sobczyńska – for the most beautiful cover art in the world, the artwork for the page, for this “evergreen” in all shades of tenderness;
  • my Good Spirits: Mum, Piotr Sabiniarz, David Robertson, Monika Spławska-Murmyło, Magdalena Kleszczewska, Małgorzata Januszewicz – for their support and all the moments when the weight of the heart seems to take on the lightness of a feather;
  • dr Anna Gutowska – for proofreading;
  • all Patrons – for their kindness and the heart they have shown: Jacqueline Banerjee of Victorian Web, Clare Stainthorp of the British Association for Victorian Studies, Lucyna Krawczyk-Żywko of From Queen Anne to Queen Victoria Research Group, Małgosia of Pozdrowienia z Polski, Mr Adrian Piontek and Mr Dariusz Kowalski of internet bookstore Poltax, Mr Mariusz Dyszczyński of MD Creative, David of Brontë Adventures in Haworth and Stanbury, Górowianka;
  • to every single person who was not indifferent to our efforts – thank you for every entry in the Guestbook on the website, for the virtual candles, the messages, the touching gestures.

And above all, I thank you, Ewa. You made it, you never gave up, you made it all in time. Manuscripts don’t burn, and human soul is immortal. May the rustling of the pages of your book have a butterfly effect, to which – instead of a storm – the angels’ wings flutter above in response. They have something to celebrate!

“I stay, I pray
See you in heaven one day”

Małgorzata Ewa Skibińska
Jakub Niedziela

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